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After publishing my book, Writing Books for Fun, Fame, and Fortune!, I dedicated myself to showing others how easy it is to write a book to establish the author as an expert who can provide solutions, relieve a pain, or simply help others get ahead. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a quilter, a dentist, a construction worker, or entrepreneur, as a speaker or a workshop leader - I can show you and your attendees easy-to-use techniques that allow anybody to write a book, clean up business writing, or develop media releases. 

A Philosophy for the Future

Content is king. In the age of technology can you quickly and effectively describe your business and the benefits it offers? Does your writing cause people to take action immediately? Learn the basics of message objectives and how to get the reader to take action now. 

Rik Feeney presenting at the Florida Writer's Conference.

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I bring new life, knowledge, and humor to your event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs you have today.

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Rik Feeney presenting a Kindle Seminar at the Oviedo Library.

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 Has a speaker ever missed his/her plane, had an injury, or suffered from laryngitis? Not to worry. I can be your emergency or back up speaker. Give me a call, and within an hour or so (depending on traffic), I can be literally anywhere in the Orlando area ready to do a talk and cover for the missing speaker. You can call me the month before, the week before, or the day of your event. See my list of prepared talks for ideas on what I can present to your group.

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